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Voted Best Amazon Course by the Seller Sessions Sellerpoll, this isn't just another Amazon course with pre-recorded and outdated content. This is a college level course with live classes and weekly live support calls run by an 8 figure Amazon seller who is actually doing it everyday.

Let me show you how I build my own incredibly proftable 8 figure private-label Amazon business by maximizing the opportunity and reducing risk.

If you are thinking why should I even think of 'learning something new' doing a business that puts my capital to risk, tests my patience with challenging steps, and takes a while to generate steady results. Then your worries are pretty genuine. 3 years ago, I was in the same shoes.

But now I confidently teach that a profitable income through an Amazon private-label business is very straight forward to achieve. I admit, hands down, like any other Amazon business owner, that product research and marketing (launching) is by far the hardest and most testing part of running such an endeavour. And if I had somebody to show me at that time how to find profitable products that I could consistently and predictable bank on, I would have had an elephant's load off my shoulders.

Our perceptions are shaped through our experiences. There are lots of people atempting to learn Amazon private label on their own, for free, with old and out dated YouTube videos, and giving up in the process. Now they are ready to tell others how this business was the worst decision they ever made. To be honest, if you do not have your processes for product research and launch sorted out, your risk is much higher. Don't worry, I'm here to save you to save you you from making those same mistakes that I and many others make when learning this business.  

Who is the Inner Circle for?

If you are tired of working your 9-5 job, and are looking for an opportunity to start a business of your own

If you are happy with your current career, but you would like to make some side income

If you are doing online sales already, and want to expand onto Amazon but don't know where to start

If you are currently selling on Amazon, but want to take your business to the next level

In this advanced Amazon Private Label Course, you will get:

1. A mastery level education on finding profitable products, advanced keyword research, competitive analysis, sourcing, optimization, PPC, brand building, and chat bots.

2. Live weekly video calls we call office hours

3. You will join our Inner Circle mastermind with over 50 successful 7 & 8 figure Private Label sellers who provide support!


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Shirley Van Dyke talks about her Seller Systems Inner Circle Experience


The Inner Circle Includes Live Classes on the Following Subjects:

Product research, choosing products based on real data analysis. Our product selection methodology is data driven and will drastically increase your chance of success

 Sourcing, how to find the factories and work directly with suppliers to save money over Alibaba. You could immediately save money one existing products with what we show you.

 Optimization - How to write and optimize your listing based on proper keyword research and competitor analysis

 PPC - We provide you with the latest PPC strategies to help you effectively index and efficiently rank your products

Product launching - Off Amazon marketing strategies that cover an in depth knowledge of the the Amazon algorithm and how it decides who deserves to be on top of specific search terms

 ManyChat and Facebook training - Learn how to build chat bots and run facebook ads to build your brand off Amazon. Use your audiences to launch new products while staying inside Amazon's terms of service. (All ManyChat flow templates are provided to you)

 A deep understanding of the Amazon algorithm. Learn how to get maximum credit for each of your sales and what strategies can negatively impact your keyword ranks and profits.

Does any of that resonate with you?

Product research and launch is 95% of the business, to have compelling and consistent mechanisms in place to attract quality organic traffic that converts into highly profitable sales. 

Proper product research can tell us: how our competitors are getting their sales, the full opportunity and size of a particular market, the risk involved with doing a product, how many units we should order, how we are going to launch, how to set up our PPC campaigns, and whether to even do a product in the first place!

Forward to 2019, my own private-label Amazon business is now on pace to generate well over $10 million dollars this year. From the nitty gritties of my mindset to marketing, I have come a long and winding way to finally master the Amazon game to an extent of having developed a programmed instinct to figure out products that stand the best chance of crushing it with this business model. Imagine this, no more zero sales day, no more chasing after random products, Now you have a powerful, value-based product research and launch system that is bound to set your business on steroids. Then you keep repeating it!


What does Esty have to say about Seller Systems?


In the last 6 months alone, I have made an average of $100K profit per month by simply repeating proven product development processes. These are the same processes I am going to teach you, that I am still doing every day. And more importantly, when I update my processes, I update you on the changes right away!

What are the students saying?

What does Joseph Wang have to say about the Inner Circle?


You found the right place to begin your Amazon business! Learn from someone who is actually doing it!

To be extremely honest, you might be able to eventually learn this all yourself without paying anyone for their knowledge or time.

If you have the time and money to commit to research, determining which strategies work still, which strategies ever worked, and are ready to learn the hard way, from many failures, then go ahead.

But, you will expose yourself to more risk and a much longer path without the proper training and support. (Believe me, I lit a lot of money on fire learning what I teach you the hard way). 

Here is where you sign up and get started.

For the first time we are offering a 3 payment option as well!


Some things to avoid!

Choosing the wrong product can result in getting stuck with inventory and losing your starting capital

Overspending when you source and ship your products, you could end up spending more than your competitors and kill your margins

If you watch old YouTube videos or listen to outdated podcasts about how to launch products, you could use strategies that will get you suspended with Amazon and/or cause your product launch to fail 

Maybe you can generate revenue, but are unable to make a profit because your product is not ranking for the correct keywords

Who is Brandon Young?

Voted best Amazon Private Label Consultant two years in a row by the Seller Poll, Brandon Young is considered by many to be one of the leaders in current Amazon Private Label strategies. He began selling on Amazon in 2015, as most sellers do, with arbitrage / reselling. Seeking a more scalable business model, he pivoted to wholesale and private label. In June of 2016 he launched his first private label products. Less than 5 years later, he is exclusively private label with multiple brands and 8 figures in revenue annually.

Now he splits his time between launching new products and teaching others how to effectively choose, source, and launch private label products.

"My mission is to bridge the gap between what highly successful brand building experts like me are doing right now and the knowledge and support gap between you and Amazon. I went through lots of pain when I spent several years and tens of thousands of dollars before figuring this Amazon Private Label business out. I did the hard work building these processes so you don't have to!"

Join our family of happy students.

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Don't buy a course from people who only claim to be sellers, or claim they were once successful, or only "manage" other people's brands. Learn from someone who's really doing it, now, every day.


Packaged up in the Inner Circle there's far more value than what I'm charging. I don't do this for the money. I only charge to instigate real action in people with a goal to reach out and help as many people as possible.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked

Still in a haze?

Forget about competing for your share in the 1.5 billion dollar eCommerce industry. The very thought of it is scary.

Forget about going against the grain and all the hard talk about being a comfort seeker, not being brave enough to take the business plunge.

Think about making money working from anywhere, not tied to a desk or making someone else rich, like you do employed in the corporate world.

Think about being empowered through an income stream that you control and can actually make you money while you sleep.

Think about experiencing freedom by spending quality time with your family and friends, whenever you want.

I will give you the rock solid foundation to get your ball rolling and never stop. Remember, you only need 1 product to make an online breakthrough in the private-label Amazon world,

I’m making money as we speak. I'm just a normal guy who figured it out and who knows his stuff, and now I want to show you how to free yourself too.


It's because I want to see you succeed!

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